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Digital Marketing in Nepal

If you are searching for the tips and tricks for marketing your business website through online? here are some tips for you that really works. In the present situation in Nepal, digital marketing is the main marketing tool used for the branding the business. So, for the online marketing you need to have a website of your business to connect with the world. If you do not have website of your business means you are loosing your business. After having a user friendly website, then you can promote your business through the internet using some techniques of internet marketing tools and methods. Genesis Web Technology is the leading web design and development company in Nepal for the internet marketing throughout the country.

Now, let's know about the tips for digital marketing

Social Media Marketing
Facebook Page Creation
Facebook is the most popular social media in Nepal having millions of online user around the world. If you are interested in using the social media marketing through facebook, Genesis Web Technology has a special package for the facebook page marketing. With a cheap cost, GWT provides the facebook page marketing services to its clients to develop a high fans of their business and high website traffic.

Youtube Channel
Youtube is the best video sharing site that helps in marketing your business through the videos uploaded to its directory. Youtube is now used as the best option for advertising the business that gives you the facilities like commenting, liking, sharing and reporting the activities shared on it. For that you need to creat a youtube channel related to your business and upload the videos.

Google Plus
Google plus is the community developing social media that is used for business marketing through the pages and communicating with your circle on it. You can post about the articles related to your business on the google plus page and share it to the circles.

Google Map Listing
If you are looking for how to list your business on google maps, we are hare to help you. Listing your business on the google maps will increase your website traffic and business product to the clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most effective online marketing strategy for your business website and Genesis Web Technology has been recognized as the leading Search Engine Optimization Company in Nepal.

Mobile Marketing
Apps Advertisement
Mobile applications are the easier way to get the high number of traffic to your business website. You can launch your business product as the mobile apps and can market putting ads on the apps screen.

SMS Marketing
Sms is the easy way of marketing and connecting with the people around you via short texts messages. You can market your business products by sending a short message that can help in getting brand of your business.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Seo in Nepal

Developed a travel and trekking website? Looking for best travel website promoter? or searching for seo expert in Nepal for promotion of trekking website? we are here to deal on any matters related to travel, trekking, hotel, restaurant website design, development and promotion at the cheap and best price as compared to any other web agencies of Nepal.

With the increase of travel website online, newly designed and developed websites are to be promoted or do online marketing including SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your clients might be looking for the services that you provide them online but they might not reach up to you because of not appearing your website on the top of the search results so to get your website on the top, you need to do seo which helps in boosting your website and increasing your business productivity through online.

Before implementing seo to your website, you need to know what is seo actually and how does it work for your website. So for the business productivity, you need to do Seo for your website or hire a seo expert.

What is SEO?

Simply SEO means Search Engine Optimization, is an ongoing process where your website content and keywords are promoted through online to make it appear on the top of search results by applying some techniques. For example, your client who want to visit Nepal and go for trekking may type the search keyword like Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Trekking Agencies, Best Trekking Trails in Nepal etc and there they see the hundreds of results. If your website is well optimized, then your website will be visible on the top of the search results but if your website is not optimized and promoted, it will not be shown on the search results hence you may loose the booking or trip inquiry and business.

Contact SEO Expert in Nepal for Travel and Tourism Website Promotion

Friday, June 17, 2016

Everest Base Camp Trek a challenging but most searchable keyword for seo

Everest Base Camp Trekking SEO Keyword
Photo Credit: Nepal Footprint Holiday Trek - Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular keyword for the travel and trekking agency of Nepal that everyone want to put the keyword in their website to make higher traffic or webpage on the top of the search engines. But it has been challenging to seo experts to focus in Keyword Everest Base Camp Trekking. In these days seo has become difficult to make the back-links, url submission, article submission, social bookmarking or anything else. As the time has passed, there is so many updates made by search engines which has made seo a difficult job for seo specialists. With the increasing of informative sites and business sites day by day, Seo in Nepal is a happening job but focusing on the major keywords like Trekking in Nepal, Nepal Trekking, Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek has been difficult.

As per my experience on Seo as the seo expert in Nepal, we should focus on the keyword which has low competition but high traffic. Seo is a consistent work and needs to have high passion to be a seo worker. There are many websites that are focusing on the Everest Base Camp Trek but the average search volume for Everest base Camp each month is very less as compared to the number of website. So we should focus on the updated information, news and events about the contain on which we are going to write. With high information and seo work, bringing the targeted keyword on top results is possible.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Web Design in Nepal

Responsive Web Design in Nepal

 Responsive Web Design in Nepal

Why Choose us?

Web Designing in Nepal

Get a website that promotes your business and help you getting connected with new clients

Now with the increasing of internet usage, the trend of designing website is growing day by day. Having a website of a small or a large business is a must nowadays for getting connected with the new costomers online. For the targeted customers, you need to have the quality web design and develop with the combination of right fonts, colors, images and navigation.

Mobile Friendly Web Design in Nepal

Why you should need responsive (Mobile Friendly Website)?

Nowadays about 90% of people are connected through the mobiles and searching their stuffs through internet. So to sell your business products through online, your website should be mobile friendly.

Interested in Web Designing? have look at our website designing process

  • best deal
  • design and develop
  • review designs
  • go live

Web Design Company in Nepal

Genesis Web Technology Pvt. Ltd is the branded name for Web Designing, Website Development in Kathmandu. We have designed following websites

  • Nepal Footprint Holiday
  • Heian Treks and Expedition
  • Windhorse Tours

Looking For Web Design in Nepal? Contact us Now!!!

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Phone: +977 9851182414
Email: sarosebht@gmail.com
Website: www.sarosebht.blogspot.com
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